Seasonal Products

SPECIALTIES:  Spring-Summer, Fall and Christmas


Our vendors offer Home Decor and Decorating products that will carry you through every season.

Clocks, Mirrors, Accent Pieces, and Florals have a timeless sales season.  Easter bunnies, Chicks, Birds, Hydrangaes, Peonies, and Daisies give you the hint of new beginnings and spring plants.  Summer Birds, Frogs, Butterflies, Sunflowers, and Roses will bring you from spring through summer.    We can carry you into the holiday season with Fall accessories, florals, garlands and wreaths to prepare your home for the change of seasons. You can create “spooky” Halloween decor with our pumpkins, witches, crows, candles… and our Christmas products offers everything to decorate and tie your winter holiday looks together. We have tree trim, ribbon, and florals to decorate your Christmas tree and create your stores focal points.  We have something for every season!

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