Terroir Chocolate

SPECIALTIES: From Bean to Bar – Chocolate Made Locally



Kristin and Josh are creating artisan chocolates straight from Fergus Falls, MN – the hometown of Doug Thorson Sales!  While the chocolate is made in Minnesota, the flavors come from all over the world.  Each of their organic, single-origin chocolate bars have unique taste profiles due to the influence of the soil, the climate, and the other vegetation grown around the cacao tree throughout its development, much like wine or coffee.  Thus, each vintage of bean will also influence the flavor experience of each chocolate bar.

We have a variety of chocolate bars and maple toffee available during different seasons.  These bars are nut FREE, soy FREE and gluten FREE for your enjoyment.  Maple Toffee is the best seller in Terroir Chocolates.  The Toffee was inspired by “mom’s” famous toffee recipe and a family tradition of tapping maple trees for the last 60 years.  Terroir uses cocoa nibs to make this a nut-free toffee.  The maple syrup in this recipe is sourced locally, making this a genuine hometown product!  Then they top the toffee with Terroir Chocolate.

Kristin and Josh strive to create a “taste of place” in their chocolate, hence the business name Terroir (tare-WHar) Chocolate.  “Terroir” means “sense of place” in French.  Enjoy this award-winning, locally-made, small-business venture chocolate.  You will love this chocolate!


You can view Terroir Chocolate on the Doug Thorson Sales Shopping Cart.   Opening Order $100/Re-orders $100.


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