Robert Allen Home and Garden

SPECIALTIES: Metal Planters, Ironstone Planters, Plastic Planters, Wire Accessories, Metal Watering Cans, Doormats and Display Assortments



Robert Allen Home and Garden has been perfecting the planter for years!  Their products are perfect in your HOME with decor colors, décor styles and foam pads to protect your floors.  Robert Allen is also the perfect GARDEN planters with durable powder coated finishes and removable drain plugs.   These products are created with quality and designs that provide long-lasting value for your customer.

Robert Allen Home and Garden is a family owned and operated company.  They started this company out of their enjoyment of Horticulture and Gardening.  They are always creating new and exciting products, designs, and tools to help your customers enjoy the same hobbies as they enjoy – plants and decorating!  Many of Robert Allen’s ideas come from what they experience in their everyday lives and in their own gardens.
We carry: Traditional and trendy designs.  Planters for Indoor and Outdoor decorating..  Basic colors and decorator colors.  A variety of sizes in every style.  Display assortment options for quick and easy purchasing.  Powder Coated finished metal planters.

Order Robert Allen from the Doug Thorson Sales shopping cart. We have Robert Allen beautifully displayed in our showrooms, catalogs are also available.  Opening Order NEW LINE SPECIAL $300/Re-order $300


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