RAZ Imports, Inc.

SPECIALTIES: Fall, Halloween and Christmas Tree Trim, Florals, Wreaths, Garlands, and Home Decor


RAZ IMPORTS can carry you into the holiday season with Fall accessories, florals, garlands and wreaths to prepare your home for the change of seasons. You can create “spooky” Halloween decor with our pumpkins, witches, crows and candles.  Then RAZ IMPORTS Christmas offers everything to tie your winter and holiday looks together. RAZ IMPORTS has tree trim, ribbon, and florals to decorate your Christmas tree and create your store’s focal points. There are many themes and looks to choose from to create your individual store’s look. RAZ Christmas debuts yearly at our January shows, for shipping in June or later. You can view 100% of RAZ Christmas on the Doug Thorson Sales Shopping Cart. We have RAZ Imports displayed in our showrooms and about 70% of the line is in the RAZ Christmas catalog.  Opening Order $500 only with credit card/Re-orders $300.