MatrixFlame Candles

SPECIALTIES:  MatrixFlame and PushWick Candles, Illuminated Lit Florals, Crystal Branches, Lanterns and Vases


The Light Garden introduces MatrixFlame TM and PushWick TM  Candles.

MatrixFlame TM and PushWick TM Candles are manufactured by Liown.  The MatrixFlame TM Candle includes a multi-timer function and are remote ready.  Each candle has a fully programmable flicker light and 4,6,8 and 10 hour timer options on the remote!  This Light Garden is also offering PushWick TM Candles.  These also include the multi=timer function and are remote ready.

Order The Light Garden from the Doug Thorson Sales shopping cart. We have The Light Garden beautifully displayed in our showroom and we have catalogs available.  Opening order with The Light Garden is $500/Re-order any amount.  Candles can be included in any Light Garden order.


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