Lit Florals

SPECIALTIES:  Flame Wave, Illuminated Lit Florals, Crystal Branches, Lanterns and Vases


The Light Garden Lit Willows and Lit Florals create ambiance and increase the value of your Floral Arrangements. The Lit Willow, Lit Pussy Willow, Lit Natural Pussy Willow and Lit Leaf Willow are our best selling lit branches. The lit willows are available in three heights: 18″ with 60 lights, 36″ with 96 lights and 50″ with 144 lights. Each floral is illuminated by plugging the cord into any outlet.  Some styles also come with a battery-operated option. The Light Garden can be shaped easily to fit into a vase or added to an existing silk or dried floral arrangement.

Order The Light Garden from the Doug Thorson Sales shopping cart. We have The Light Garden beautifully displayed in our showrooms and have catalogs available. Opening order with The Light Garden is $500/Re-order any amount.