SPECIALTIES:  Lit Floral-Flowers, Florals-Sprays-Swags, Garlands, Trees, Wreaths


We combine florals, ornaments, greenery and ribbon in all  our design work.  We suggest you display multiple design pieces in your store for each look you create.  You can increase sales by creating a large floral arrangement, a wreath, a table piece or a decorated mantel using similar florals and ribbon to multi-sell products to your clients.

Florals, Sprays and Swags all overlap in design uses.  A floral stem can be used alone or with other floral elements to define your customers look and/or color scheme.  Floral sprays combine several floral elements in one stem, making it easy to tuck them into wreaths, garlands and trees to personalize a look.  Several sprays can be combined to create a “bouquet” arrangement.  The Floral Swag combines floral and greenery element to create a larger, more finished floral piece for decorating.  Swags are quick design elements for decorating doors, mantels, hutches and buffets.

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