Meet Us

Doug Thorson Sales specializes in selling home décor and seasonal products directly to retail buyers. We are a wholesale resource for retail businesses.


Doug Thorson Sales has been in the gift repping business for over 40 years. That’s a long time to be selling Home Decor – Florals, Baskets, Christmas, Potpourri, Candles, Pictures, Furniture and more! Doug began his business with homemade candles and plaques. Then Doug expanded into selling on the road and within two years he needed a temporary booth at the old Minneapolis Gift Mart. He set about expanding his business, adding lines and territory that he covered. By 1974, Doug was ready for a permanent showroom at the current Minneapolis Gift Mart. Continuing to add lines and territory, Doug added a permanent showroom in the old Kansas Gift Mart and the current Denver Gift Mart.

Doug has always enjoyed the customers. Doug believes the customer is our most important business asset and he believes in providing service that reflects that. Doug is always at his best when he is working with customers!

Our territory includes:


North Dakota

South Dakota









We also cover Illinois and Michigan for several of our lines.

You can contact us by:

phone             800.726.8979

toll-free fax   877.388.5815

If you can’t get to one of our showrooms, then we encourage you to shop online at or call our office. We love to work with you and enjoy helping you find the best product. Visit the Doug Thorson Sales Web Showroom Online Shopping to place your orders.